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Clock'd 0Ne:
So what does everyone use these days when they want to shift their old motor?

I've just gone electric and need to shift on my Prius. I typically use Autotrader or Pistonheads, but was wondering if there are any other worthwhile avenues to explore that involves less tyre-kickers and chancers? I won't use eBay or Facebook marketplace, I can't imagine any of the trading apps worthwhile either (like Shpock).

It's more about where most people are going to look to buy your car.  There are loads of selling sites, and it depends on what price you're going for.
The free sites like FB Marketplace, Gumtree etc tend to have proper bottom of the barrel cars on there, and you're most likely to get offered a Broken PS2, a phone with a smashed screen and half a mars bar.

Personally, I only check Pistonheads for more enthusiast type cars, I tend to find stuff on there has been better looked after etc.

If it's a Prius, I'd stick with Ebay/Classifieds and Autotrader.  That's where the most people are going to look.

However, there's no harm in having the car up on free sites, as it's more eyes on.  But I wouldn't rely on them.

Clock'd 0Ne:
Thanks. I'd like a reasonable price but I'm more interested in shifting it relatively quickly as the MOT is due next month and its a hassle I could do without, though I know it will pass just fine.

It doesn't feel like the kind of car that would sell any better on Pistonheads given its age, mileage and trim - it's certainly not a special example by any means - but it runs without issue, has FSH and one previous owner (log book says otherwise buts that's down to it passing through garage's hands).

I'll probably stick to Autotrader for now just to get the reach and hopefully fewer timewasters.

That short MOT is going to be the main gambling point.  People are going to think that there's going to be something wrong with it.  Cars are worth less with short/no MOT.
Even if it gets a fail, it gives people an idea of what it's going to need.

Case in point, I had a hateful Clio ages ago, was trying to shift it at £350 with a short MOT, not many takers.  Got loads of folks saying if I put it through the MOT, they'd give me the asking price.
No, it's not a £350 car with 12 months MOT.

So I did just that.  Quick MOT, passed no issues, sold it within a week for £800.

Clock'd 0Ne:
Yeah, I do know that's a problem, but the MOT time also rolls right around to the time I have to tax and insure it again as well. It's also not a bag of crap like a Clio so anyone that knows how reliable these cars are won't even bat an eyelid, they'll just offer me £100 less than my inflated asking price as is par for the course and then I'll grit my teeth and say sure.


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