Author Topic: Sucky lane, you get my fist, you shouldnt exist [/sings]  (Read 7097 times)

Re:Sucky lane, you get my fist, you shouldnt exist [/sings]
Reply #1 on: March 21, 2006, 17:01:08 PM
LOL  :lol:

Dont you just love the councils (etc etc) that plan the highways (oh and cycle paths..

Dont worry theyll learn after they are sued once or twice... wait no they wont the never learn..

Also its not just cycle paths that are blocked by random things... in an area of Newcastle (Heaton), the council have this thing about putting sodding great big black skips full of soil and flowers (well flower containers) by the end of the pavement on to a main road... the road is busy enough, but the sodding things make it nearly impossible to see whats coming... of course unless you drive like they do in London.... (mainly foot on accelerator and pay).

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