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Big boy IPS time

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Currently looking at Dell U2711s and Hazro HZ27WCs, I'm very much on the verge of pulling the trigger and putting this out on here to see if anyone has any other good shouts or yays and nays RE the above 2 :cheers:

Clock'd 0Ne:
I always recommend these guys if you're going to go Dell:

Good prices, no-quibble swap out dead pixel warranties and excellent customer service.


Man, this is cheaper, latest revision, but an eBay jobber, they do have great feedback 3yrs and 0 dead pixel too though :)

Decisions decisions  :yarr:

I have a U2711 which I bought from PCbuyit via Ebay, was a good bit cheaper than the list price on their site and with the same warranty etc:

Heard nothing but good things about them here and also at other places, so maybe worth sending them an email to ask when they are going to get the new rev in?

I also looked at the Hazro but decided to go with the Dell in the end as the glass is meant to be a bit reflective, while the Dell has a matt none reflective finish.

It seems LG are set to kick out some IPS monitors, I may wait and have a butchers,


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