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MINECRAFT - if you've not migrated your OG account to MS you will lose it.

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I know a few of us here played this in 2010, if you've got an old Mojang account kicking about if you don't migrate pronto you will lose the lot!

Note, password resets will use your email address, BUT to sign in on pre 2012 accounts you'll need to login with USERNAME.

Clock'd 0Ne:
I had to fix the seo URL on this topic, apologies to anyone it was broken for.

I migrated mine some time ago I think but I will check again anyway! At some point I'm hoping to get the kids onto it

Edit: yes, all good.

I tried... but no idea what my user name or email was back then :-o

Clock'd 0Ne:
Isn't your username always knighty? :)

it should have been, but they wouldn't accept it :-(


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