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MS Surface Pro
on: July 29, 2018, 22:14:16 PM
Anyone use a Surface Pro full time? How do you get on with it?

My ancient HP ProBook is near death (totally worn out and doesn't know if its plugged in or not half the time).

Had a look at the surface pro and surface book in the shops and dont need high end graphics so ordered a surface pro i7 16GB/512GB model with the type cover and pen (just because).

Only really need it for web browsing, some office work, watching the occasional video and playing about with my lab usually using RDP.

Only things I think I'll miss is the CD burner (already have a USB one) and the RJ45 (surely I can get a USB NIC or some kind of breakout unit for the surface) which I only use occasionally.

Worst case I can fall back to my alienware which I use mostly for photoshop stuff and some vmware workstation work.

I hope this doesnt turn out to be a nightmare...

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Re: MS Surface Pro
Reply #1 on: July 30, 2018, 20:32:07 PM
Guy in my office has one and always raves about it, but finds it gathers dust most of the time because he has a 1337 gaming rig and laptop, and it sits somewhere between laptop and tablet. If you're the sort of person that uses a tablet all the time it will be amazing for you, if you're the sort that uses PC mostly and occasionally a laptop, you probably won't get the most use out of it I reckon.

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