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New Monitor
on: June 30, 2023, 04:08:00 AM
I have had the  1st Gen Acer X34 for a while but it has been progressively getting worse with it cutting out to black, green fuzzy lines and so on.
Not a wash with money so been on the hunt for a replacement for a few months and there was a 30% off and bought this:


Still working on the desk setup and cables etc. My wife uses my old Macbook Pro when working from home, I sometimes need to work at home and use my Macbook Pro as well as the PC.
I found the HDMI and wife's laptop not pushing enough pixels so have cables / adapters coming to sort that.

Not fully sorted cable management and currently sorting and cleaning the office as well.

I am keeping the Acer because it may be based on an issue I have found common online. Some of the capacitors / chips become faulty and cause current issues / display issues. I can keep my eye out for a broken screen going cheap and buy it and swap the parts over and then hook the other up as well.

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