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Hi all, its been a long time since I thought about this stuff, current system is mostly over 10 years old and I'm well out of the loop on PC stuff these days.

This is what I've got currently.

CPU Intel Core i5-4670K 3.40GHz Socket 1150 6MB Cache

RAM G.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2400MHz TridentX Memory Kit

Mobo - Asus Z87-Pro Socket 1150 HDMI DVI DisplayPort Motherboard ATX Motherboard

GFX - Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB GDDR5 RAM PCI Expess 256 bit Graphics Card

PSU - Corsair VS550 550 W Active PFC 80 PLUS

I don't think much/any is going to be reusable, possibly the GFX as I don't play many high end games on the PC anymore. Don't know if that PSU is up to running a newer system?

I've always gone for the value/easy overclocking route rather than pure performance what is the best value CPU's these days?

Who's ahead in the intel vs amd battle at the moment?

Any tips/help/advice would be appreciated


All of that is pretty much in the bin if you want a new system.

- There are new requirement standards for PSU and the CPU / GPU hunger means you really need a minimum of 700W PSU but ideally just the 900/1kW ones are the most reliable!
- AMD just announced the Series 8g chip which looks impressive but a good 7 series there. (Ryzen 7 7800X3D) Intel wise most go for the Core-I9 1300k.
- Then of course, even if you go lower spec CPU it is all new motherboard, memory which is DDR5.
- Then graphics cards which are over priced giant bricks it depends on if you want Nvidia or AMD but 4 series Nvidia is a best so you could get a 3900 and still be laughing for most games.
You are probably going to need new cool and new case as well with all the changes.

So it will just be down to your budget.

Clock'd 0Ne:
You don't have to go with the new ATX 3.0 PSU standard and there are adapters for graphics cards, but it probably makes sense to at this point. 650/700W PSU will be fine if you're not getting a monster graphics card.

So if you're not looking at an ultra top-end build there is plenty of value to be had with an above midrange setup, £600-£1k depending on where you choose to save the pennies. Something like last gen 3070 or current gen 4060 (none of the blower cards).

I would go Intel personally, just because it works best with DDR5 setups, AMD setups with DDR5 are proving to be awkward.

Hardware prices (particularly for NAND chips) are going up rather than down, I would be looking to buy relatively soon before prices go to pot, maybe order the memory/M.2 NVMe now before prices go silly and pick up the rest later.

This is what I bought last year, probably would cost £6/700 now:

--- Quote ---GameMax F15 case - very well reviewed and affordable case with excellent cooling
Asus Prime Z690-P DDR5/PCIe 5
Intel Core i5-13600K Raptor Lake
BeQuiet! Pure Rock 2 air cooler
32GB 6000Mhz DDR5 (2x16GB - dual channel is a must)
1TB PCI-E NVMe boot drive
nVidia RTX 3070 8GB graphics card
--- End quote ---

Since then I've upograded to 64GB DDR5 and swapped out the 650W PSU it came with for a 1kW Platinum+ I purchased ages ago on sale, there was nothing wrong the 650W really though. The i5 with all those cores feels face-melting compared to my 10 year old rig, can't see why you would need to spend more on a CPU unless going nuts for benchmarks and 4K ultra gaming.

Oh and if you really don't care about graphics performance drop in something a little older even, like a 1660 Ultra for £100, it will still play all your games

I just say to go the better PSU now because when you do upgrade the Graphics card it is not another thing on top again and having do all the wires yet again.
If with the age of the current machine you may as well mark the PSU as a non skimp component and get one that is of the new standard and will last.

I set up a "cctv wall" at work, has 4x 32 screens, really want 6 but the pc running them (i5-2500k, my old system) is struggling to run those full quality

decided to upgrade it... half way through realised the upgrade would make it better than my system

so scrapped that plan, ordered a load of bits for myself.... then realised I wasn't far short or a full system so might as well build a full new system

so now I've got...

CORE i9-14900K
4x8G CorsVengLPX DDR4 3600 C18
Samsung 990 PRO 1TB M.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe
ASRock Z790 PG Lightning/D4
Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Black Edition

didn't bother with a gfx card, they're all fortunes, I hardly game, and I already have a 1080ti which laughs at anything I do

but.... I've been sick as a dog, it's all still in it's delivery boxes at the bottom of the stairs for a week now :-(


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