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On Disney+ here in Australia - What ever you have UK wise that streams Disney it should be up.

Watched it on the weekend and I really enjoyed it. Simple story for sure but so was the original Preditor and this brings it back in line with the original vision for me. The cinematography was brilliant and so was the sound and CG.

(click to show/hide)I thought the movie was great and did some key things for me.

- It retconned a lot of the newer movies. The notion that Preditor's had their full tech all the time Humans have been around is out the window. A less evolved tech Preditor is what we have here. As we progressed to when Arnie encountered one so did they.

- Warriors vs Warriors for sure but I did have a small beef with how the girl was able to win when Arnie could not. I guess Preditors evolved a lot and must do genetic improvements to themselves as well as their technology so stronger later? I can part run with that.

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None the less though I hope to see more Preditor movies again and rebuild the franchise off the back of this. I would love to properly learn the lore, where they came from etc and dark, gritty movies rather than the more recent action packed mess.

Oh and I found the girl quite hot tbh.

Clock'd 0Ne:
Heard nothing but good things about this, having Disney+ is going to pay off!


--- Quote from: Clock'd 0Ne on August 08, 2022, 10:41:16 AM ---Heard nothing but good things about this, having Disney+ is going to pay off!

--- End quote ---
It has been. We had Stan here along with Netflix originally but now we have

- Prime (Because monthly its next to nothing and that covers shopping, music and the Movie/TV) - Amazon Prime is actually stupidly cheap for what you get.
- Netflix - Sandman is latest of just great shows. I know its having issues right now but its still good.
- Disney + - Love or hate the Marvel and Star Wars Shows, I have enjoyed them and its been good value for money with also having kids too. Buzz Lightyear is a good movie, it has movies and the back catalogue etc so its been worth it!

Back to Prey - If you not watched it mate, make some space. It is not crazy long and its good! You can tell they did not have a super budget but they nailed it.

Clock'd 0Ne:
Prime is ridiculous value and they are basically paying me at this point given how many refunds, etc I have had when issues arise through their CS. You just have to not take the piss.

Lightyear is next on the list for the kids. We're not finding so much on Netflix and I hate how pervasive it is, it streams to devices when you don't want it to and there's no way to disable casting, the apps tend to take over the TV UI and don't allow you to go back or exit the app easily. It's wholly designed to trap you in their system.


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