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Raspberry pi... Sell it.


Sell it to me. What are the key things that people use them for?

I've done several Arduino projects and am tempted to look into Pi, but the boards are more pricy and I don't get why I wouldn't just buy a cheap computer instead.

My understanding of the difference between Arduino and pi is that Arduino is good for simple "if this then do that" type of things, not for very complicated projects. Whereas Pi is.

I like Arduino as I find I like keeping things simple, but as I've said I'm curious about Pi and what it can offer. Maybe there are things I haven't considered that would get me to pull the trigger.

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Handy to have round the house, they make good inexpensive media centres and are decent for MAME projects and such.

I have many Pi's, but basically it's a middle ground between PC and ESP, if you need HDMI but not much power then it's a good choice..

* RetroPi - Pi 3B
* 2xRunning Pi Signage (Pi Zero 2 / Pi 3B)
* Zabbix and Grafana for home lab monitoring (Pi 4 - will be moved to a VM once I pull my finger out)
* Pi Zero 2 - Klipper / Fluidd (3D Printing)
* Robot Octo Spider - Pi 4 (It was a gift as I like robotics)
* Pi 1 - no longer in use but controlled Christmas tree lighting with sync'd audio
However at today's prices they are not a great idea, although get on a legit wait list for a Pi Zero 2W and the bang for buck is great (equivalent to a 3B mostly)

Thanks. Guess when my laptop dies I'll just get a pc than going with a pi or something small haha! Doesn't sound like I'd get much use out of a pi at the moment.

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