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Soopahs Server: - NEW HOME!
or IP:

-* You need the Tekkit Launcher to play on the server - make sure it is set to use Modpack build 3.1.3 | 1.2.5 | Latest *-
For more information on how to play with Tekkit read the Tekkit Wiki

World Map!

As of 15/11/12 we have a proper hosted minecraft server.  This supports 18 slots.


Soopahfly : Administrator
Clock'd0ne : Moderator

Everyone else : Users.

If you're struggling to get on the server first check Minecraft login/multiplayer auth servers aren't down:

Crafting guides/recipes:

Useful Information:

Playerlist: !list

CraftBukkit Commands:

/tp <player> - Teleports you to player <player>
/tp <x> <y <z> - Teleports you to <x>,<y>,<z> (Can be decimals)
/tp up - Teleports you up to the top of your x, z location (useful for spelunking)
/tp jump - Teleports you to the block you're aimed at.
/tp qjump - Toggles quick jump, where you jump to the block you right click (must have an item in hand for now)
/tp back - Takes you back to your location that you were previously at (can be stacked up)
/tp here <player1> <player2> ... - Teleports one or more players to your location.
/tp here * - Teleports everyone to you
/tp to <target> <player1> <player2> ... - Teleports one or more players to player <target>
/tp to <target> * - Teleports everyone to player <target>
/tp <world#> - Teleports you to world <world#>, and keeps your x,y,z location (not that useful yet)
/tp <world#> <x> <y> <z> - Teleports you to world <world#> at <x>,<y>,<z> (not that useful yet)

/warp <name> - Warp to <name> (Only if you have permission to)
/warp create <name> - Creates a new warp called <name> (Can be more than one word)
/warp delete <name> - Deletes the warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)
/warp list <#> - Lists all the warps that you have access to. Blue = created by you, green = public, red = private and you have access.
/warp search <query> - Searches through the warps you have access to for <query>

/warp give <player> <name> - Gives <name> to <player>
/warp private <name> - Privatizes the warp <name> so that only you and invitees can use it (Only if you own that warp)
/warp public <name> - Publicizes the warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)
/warp invite <player> <name> - Invites <player> to warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)
/warp uninvite <player> <name> - Uninvites <player> to warp <name> (Only if you own that warp)

/warp help - Shows all the /warp commands

/warp convert - Imports warps.txt into the MyWarps db.

/home - Go home, young chap
/home set - Sets your home. If you already had a home, it overwrites your old one.
/home delete - Deletes your home, but why would you want to do that?
/home invite <player> - Invites <player> to your home
/home uninvite <player> - Uninvites <player> to your home
/home <player> - Go to <player> 's home (If you're given permission)
/home public - Makes it so that anyone can visit your home.
/home private - Makes your home private again. (only you and your friends can go to it).
/home convert - Imports home.txt (from directory containing Craftbukkit.jar) into the database.

/home help - Displays all the help for /home.

And obviously the general commands are listed in the server by typing /help and /help 2

Installed Plugins -

Minecraft Essentials (More an admin thing)

---03/10/11--- Added Plugins.

Be mindful of other users.  Don't destroy other people's stuff.
Regular backups are made.
Anyone caught griefing will be given a temporary ban.  Repeat offenders will be permabanned.

If you're interested in your own minecraft server, please click my affiliate link:

Whats the stolen idea? :P

The name and basically their setup with Bukkit and Minecart Mania.

went on earlier.... couldn't find your house.... just some massive swastikas ?

(p.s. if you see me on, it might by my nephew using my account and not actually me)

Who's built Swastikas?!?
And f**ked up my bedroom?  My mum's going to kill me!


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