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Re: Christmas presents
Reply #15 on: December 25, 2022, 14:28:20 PM
did you guys know a tub of lip balms lasts for ages?  like a year ages???

I didn't.... she likes lip balm....

browsing around the net nought a couple of the same as the one that was in her bag, then picked a few random ones... then a few more... (they're only cheap)

then I saw a display box made for a shop with a selection of 30 in it.... so I bought that

so now she has enough lip balm to last her the rest of her life :-o
(and she loves it tbh)

but the best bit is... I'm going to buy loads more... then drop extras in her bag every time she comes over

I can't wait for her to start ranting about multiplying lip balms

after a while I'll look for a weird one so it stand out that she didn't already have that one :-D

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