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England burning?

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Has the new new government f**ed it?

Goes way back, have you seen "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein on HBO ?

Clock'd 0Ne:
It's been on fire for ages, but let's be honest, America is in a worse state, much of Europe is in an equal or worse state. Everywhere is governed by corrupt, self-serving, un-elected scum.

But more specifically about this gov, some of their changes will actually help my family with bringing home more take home pay and spending less in some areas, for others its going to be a kick in the teeth. :dunno:

For me a lot of the global issues, even in the pandemic stems from the Rich wanting to be richer and worming into the politics to get leaderships to do that. With increasingly little trickle down (The concept that you give tax breaks etc to rich they buy more things and all that flows down but in reality the Rich have everything they want and so it doesn't) their greed has just caused everything and everyone else to just be in a dire mess.

After days saying they sticking to their guns, blaming Labour (Not been in power for over 10 years, lol) and everything else... They changed their mind. LOL


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