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Food supplies down in some areas due to the Tory B****t disaster.

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There isn't a driver shortage at all.  We have loads.  We have a wages shortage.

Its to do with something called IR35, the way tax was handled, i believe until Brexit, any driver that had an address outside of the UK didnt have to pay tax the same as Birtish drivers, so European drivers had a distinct advantage over uk drivers, couple that with the fact they were living 3 families to a property, it meant they were making obscene amounts of money, a portion of them were also breaking laws, i can tell you that one big company were using cheat devices where the trucks could go a lot faster than the legal speeds, they could also circumvent the tacho units and could work as many hours as they wanted to in a week.

All cheating, Brexit and the DVSA have stopped all of this,


--- Quote from: soopahfly on September 08, 2021, 09:06:25 AM ---There isn't a driver shortage at all.  We have loads.  We have a wages shortage.

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Quality of life and low wages led to this, 100% and this didnt have over a year or two this has been going on for decades.

Ive read several stories recently of haulage companies blacklisting RDC sites, eg several stories of Lidl, if a driver arrived 5 mins late he has been made to wait 20 hours plus to get dropped, now the haulage companies are sticking together and blacklisting them, this could also lead  to stock shortages, its about time the drivers stood up from the big companies who bully them into submission.

Just last week i heard about a guy who had to wait 17 hours to get unloaded, after he told them what he  thought of them the security wouldnt let him off the premises until he apologised to them, that didnt stop him he removed their barrier, suffice to say if he had called the police he was being kept against his will, thats serious.


--- Quote from: Bacon on September 11, 2021, 19:16:14 PM ---Its to do with something called IR35, the way tax was handled, i believe until Brexit

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"Introduced 2010. IR35 refers to the United Kingdom's anti-avoidance tax legislation designed to tax 'disguised' employment at a rate similar to employment. In this context, "disguised employees" means workers who receive payments from a client via an intermediary, for example, their own limited company, and whose relationship with their client is such that had they been paid directly they would be employees of the client. "

So an issue for a great many people, but the biggest cause of driver shortage is still the UK government refusing to accept that EU drivers are presently needed and blocking them working in the UK. If drivers cannot get visas to work here then they are unavailable. This is a known issue and even rich Tory Brexit supporters are acknowledging the issue.

It has nothing to do with EU drivers and Brexit, that is the scape goat being used as its an easy excuse, there are plenty of drivers in this country, a lot of them have chosen different careers, a lot of them are driving 3.5T luton vans for other companies including supermarkets and couriers as they can make just as much money with less responsibility.

Take AO for example, they are paying £1500 a month, base 5 day week for a 2 man crew, driver and mate of a transit sized vehicle, the driver would typically take a bit more so say and £850 / £650 split, the driver gets his bit extra, the mate sits in the van and does a lot of the grunt work, those wages are banging for van work, plus there is the opportunity of overtime, some lads i know are making £1000 a week, you dont make that in 7.5T with Tacho / CPC and also hard to make it in Class 2 unless your in a very well paid role.


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