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I have no experience of these things, but I have heard stories from people about forgetting to take lenses out and getting all kinds of nasty eye infections, etc. So if you're not strict with looking after them or might forget they are there it's possibly not the best idea.

This is what happened to me. I used to sleep in my contacts especially in uni, that were not designed (high dk number required) for sleeping in and then i'd go all day again with them in until I took them out at night. Unfortunately what this does is damage the cornea and can lead to things called corneal ulcers which are like having your eyeballs stabbed a thousand times over, constantly, there is no respite from it only pain. until it finally heals.

You also can go blind if they obscure the pupil as they did with me once, and that was absolutely terrifying as you can imagine.

Though that's with me and normal contacts that you're meant to take out every night. Sadly because of the above, I am advised that my cornea has been through too much trauma to recommend night and day contacts :( So i'm stuck with the somewhat annoying have to take them out every night and wash them type.

Night and Day contacts are meant to have high enough oxygen permeability even when eyes are closed to prevent corneal damage, they're designed to be left in the eye for up to 30 days safely.

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