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The Tekforums Novel
on: January 16, 2020, 00:28:35 AM
Welcome to the collaboration Novel.

The world:
Set in the far future, the world is not ruled by governments but by corporations and the global scope is not shaped by countries any more but regions of power. It is not a horrible place but the gap between the rich and poor is great but even the poor have access to all manner of 3rd party tech and cybernetics and human modifications are with most of the human race. Science rules and humans have made great strides in technology.

Protagonist Background:
Our protagonist is an ex cop turned teacher after loosing an eye and an arm in a brutal Bank Robbery that was stopped but at the cost of lives lost and many injuries. With a cybernetic arm and eye which are both quite high tech, paid for under the Police recovery program and top of the line we find our protagonist at a practice race track warming up for an early morning exercise.

Due to some unknown mining or tunnelling something is unearthed deep in the earth. MAGIC WAS REAL! All the stories were true. Magic had a source and it used to seep into life from what ever this source was but it stopped being part of the world and people with magic and the creatures it created lost all power, died and the magic faded away into myth and story.
Suddenly it floods the world, more then it has ever before and people suddenly are flooded with all kids of magical powers combine with cybernetics the world rushes to adapt to this new change and the corporations are struggling to keep control and fight over controlling this new found power. Unlike tech it is a battle of human resources, who can control the beings with the most power and how will the wold not fall into chaos?

Our protagonist is hit by the core blast through the ground that then engulfs the globe.. all life, all cells, everything. He wakes from a year in a coma to find the new world emerging, animals evolving into mythical forgotten creatures, people, power, crime, and more changed as a result of this strange magic that has engulfed civilisation. The doctors inform him that his body and cybernetics have and are changing... He has been hit by so much of this magical force they are surprised he is awake, he has been used to study and help learn this Magical force.. Now awake though it becomes clear to him that he is the most powerful being of them all. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to control him or have his power but where will he go, who will he come across, what powers will he develop and how will he shape this new world.
What about his family, his friends, his life.. What will happen to this new world?

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Re: The Tekforums Novel
Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 00:33:31 AM
It's sunny for the first time in days. Hover cars fly above and a police drone zooms past. John gazes at the drones, remembering.. He then crouches in a starting position, hands poised on a track and back coiled like a spring. He launches myself forward, his cybernetic leg powering him forward as he starts to run as the music in his ears begins to play.

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