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Posting Guidelines and FAQs
on: March 16, 2006, 21:56:25 PM
** Posting Guidelines **

  • Avoid swearing please. There is a word censor in place and bypassing this will be frowned upon. If you wish to disable this you can do so from your Profile settings.
  • No personal abuse, please respect other members at all times.
  • No racist views will be tolerated, whoever aimed at.
  • Spamming is not allowed.
  • No links to warez or porn sites are permitted.
  • Promotion of illegal or antisocial activities are frowned upon. This includes illegal drug use, piracy, violence, etc.
  • Please endeavour to make your postings as as clear as possible avoiding "textspeak" and remembering punctuation.
  • Please do not post asking if MSN Messenger / Hotmail is down or other sites/services are down. Try

Please THINK before you press the submit button.

Remember these are guidelines same as in the other forums here, they are not rules or laws, and are also open to interpretation and modification at any time to cover a problem which arises from the running of the forums by the Administrators or Moderators.

** Signature File Guidelines **

Please refrain from using what has become known as a "Monster Sig". By that I mean a signature file that contains their full system specs including part numbers, their Email, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, other email, other other email, phone number, postal address, next of kin, grannies email address, grannies neighbours website, and all 65 clubs that they subscribe to.

All a "monster sig" does is annoy people trying to read a thread (who see more sig than real post), make pages take longer to load, and wastes bandwidth.
The other thing to consider is that 90% of the people reading your post dont really want to know about the info in your sig.

So please try to keep them succinct and to-the-point.
If you feel the need to include info like system specs, please do it on a single line or neatly over a few lines.

** Avatar and Sig Pic Guidelines **

The issue of inappropriate avatars and sig pics has now raised itself too. Please keep all pictures of a decent nature. A lot of people check these boards from work, so we cant afford to have porn etc in Avatars.

Avatars must be of the following maximum dimensions.
Width - 150px
Height - 150px

Please also keep your signature pictures size down. A large picture can disrupt the flow of a thread and irritate people.

Hope that all makes sense. Any questions, just ask a mod. Thats what we're here for...

Tekforums - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find the questions that are asked most often, and the answers to them. If you have a question that you feel needs to be added to this FAQ, just contact a moderator or admin who will add it if appropriate.

(Q) What can I do if I double-post by accident?
(A) Delete the contents of one of the posts and a moderator or Admin will remove it as and when they see it.

(Q) Can I keep track of a thread by email?
(A) Yes.

(Q) Can I update the email address in my profile?
(A) Yes, but you will then need to re-activate you account (activation email sent to the new address).
You cant currently change your username though. If you desperately need to change your username, contact one of the board admins.

(Q) How do I post a smiley face when doing a quick reply, eg smile.gif ?
(A) Just use the following codes for example, you can find these from the list when making a full reply, omitting the spaces:
: ) :)
: ( :(
; ) ;)
: D :D
: P :P
8 )  8)
: twisted: :twisted:
: nana: :nana:
: roll: :roll:

(Q) Can I format text?
(A) Yes, again use the following codes, omitting the spaces:
[ b]TEXT[ /b] will appear BOLD.
[ i]TEXT[ /i] will appear ITALIC.
[ u]TEXT[ /u] will appear UNDERLINED.
[ a]TEXT[ /a] will appear with a STRIKETHROUGH.

(Q) How do I include an image in my post?
(A) Use the following code, omitting the spaces:
[ img][ /img] will give you:

You can use a reliable image hosting service such as if you do not know how to upload these to your webspace, or you do not have webspace.
Please try and avoid hotlinking images from sites without their permission.

(Q) How do I make URLs and email addresses clickable?
(A) Again, use the code omitting spaces:

URLs - you can prefix with either http:// or ftp://. If neither is present, it will default to http://
[ url=]This thread[ /url] will give you This thread
[ url][ /url] will give you

Email Addresses
[ email][ /email] will give you
[]email[ /email] will give you email

(Q) How do I add an image file to my sig?
(A) The same way you would any other image ;) Just stick the appropriate BB Code into your sig via your profile.
[ IMG]http://urlofwhereyourimageis [ /IMG]
Large images (both in pixels and file size) are not appreciated as this breaks the flow of the page, there is a height restriction of 100 pixels on sig images :)

Again, If you have large images to post in numbers please consider using a resource such as

** Official Spam Licenses**

The following threads are exempt from current spam rules:
The NDA thread (Night Dwellers Association)
You should aim to be posting in the NDA thread between the hours of 1am to 6am :)
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