Author Topic: How to get more free space on Dropbox (potentially over 19GB)  (Read 4506 times)

Here's a guide for those already using Dropbox or those who haven't already signed up allowing you to get some extra space for free!

You start off with 2GB storage as part of the standard free service..

1. Sign up via a referral link and it will give you and extra 250MB.

Here is my referral link to start you off with a little extra space: (Shameless plug)

2. Complete the Dropbox tour for an easy 250MB, available in your account on the dropbox website.

3. Get your friends to join via a refferal link, this will get you and your friends 250MB of extra space each. Up to an additional sum of 8GB!

4. If you are a student or have access to an .edu mail address, link your account and get 500MB per friend you recommend. Up to an addditional total of 16GB. Details:

5. Link your social media to get another 750MB

Giving a possible total of 19.25GB of storage space for free, or 11.25GB if you can't link the account to a student mail address!

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