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Replacing Woofer/Tweeter on Mordaunt Short Avant 902 Speakers

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After trying to find a guide on how to replace the woofer on a pair of Mordaunt Short 902 speakers, I decided to rip into my own to see how it's done.
I've not seen anything like this on the internet.

My woofer is blown, so no harm no foul!


Screwdriver (Philips and Flat)
Thin prying thing, I used an allen key.
Strong Double Sided Tape

Step One : Remove Grille

Simple one this, grab the grill and pull it towards you.

Step Two : Remove Grill Retainers

Push the flat head screwdriver into the four holes that retain the grille.
Turn anti-clockwise.

Repeat to all four.

Step Three: Removal of the fascia

This takes some force, bravery and quick reactions.
The fascia is only made of thin aluminium, and easily bends.
Pop the allen key into the hole and pull against the metal fascia.

It's only held on by double sided tape

It will suddenly go, so be prepared to release the pressure!

Step Four : Remove the Woofer or Tweeter.
These are held in by philips head screws and can be quite tight.  I prefer to use a drill or electric screwdriver to stop you slipping and stabbing the cone.
The wires are just clipped to the back of the speakers and can be removed easily.

Re-assembly will be documented when my new cone arrives.

Great guide.


All the pictures are dead and I can't remember which host I used!

A little random after 4 years? Are you going to post the reassembly :-p ,pics were on Dropbox if that's what you mean?

Nah, it was easy :D


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