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Quote from: M3ta7h3ad
Er... not to start up the "post photograph editing" argument again :D but... could ya do that with just plain old film huhhuh could ya!? could ya bx?! could ya! :P ha!

its not film though

And yes its possible to mark/change film pictures, wespecially after they have been scanned  :roll:

yeah... but I dont think you were around for the photoshop vs film wars. :) so wrong end stick of you have :)

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No, I dont mind :)

Yeah, shame I caught the top of the car there but I wasnt expecting to get anything at all really, didnt even check shutter speed / aperture etc - I just stuck the camera out the window and hit the shutter button :lol:

I kinda like the way the cable or whatever they are is not joined up due to the sun flaring like a nutter:)

The night shot I am *very* happy with, took quite a few tries. In fact, its painfully annoying if you are inpatient. :lol: As you cant see anything through the viewfinder, and the auto-focus hasnt got a clue either - so you take a picture, (leaving the shutter open for a few minutes) and view it...its crap, so you play a bit..  and set it off, waiting a further 2 or so minutes and view the results. I was lucky I got the focus right after 3 or so tries on that subject, as I wanted to go to bed :p stupidly enough, I didnt have my tri-pod :( used a couple of T-Shirts folded up and the windowsill!!! bodgery :mrgreen:

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ah cool :)

tbh... I like the sunflare, and after bodging around with photoshop. Ive managed to get the line back into it, but theres a visible join on it, which spoils it. :( Smudging and blurring to hide the line into itself ends up making the line thicker due to the nature of it, and I end up back at square one :D

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Well it certainly isnt my best work.. but I think I pulled it off sort of :)

How I did it:
Basically involved 3 Layers.

1 Background layer (the actual picture) and 2 line layers (the filler).

I created the first line layer, held down shift and drew a perfectly horizontal line of the same width as the cable (roughly... about 3 pixels with a bit of spread on it), then used free transform to rotate and position the first line with the cable. Its here I noticed that in the picture the line isnt perfectly straight, it bends a bit.. which meant while the one end matched up perfectly the other end was sticking out the side of the cable.

bodged around a little and lined it up on both sides as good as possible. I then duplicated the layer in order to get the correct "blackness" :) and basically careful adding of black pixels with the brush tool, smudging, and blurring then deletion of the over spill with the eraser, followed by more blurring to hide the sharp edges left behind by the eraser.

Voila.. picture as above :)

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Nice one :)

It probably does bend quite a bit, was using the Kit lens. Havent checked the EXIF but it was probably fairly wide, it goes to 18mm

Im sure a suitable replacement (i.e. L ) will come along eventually ;)

The Digital Picture

What you can get when you use Canon L lenses (if you do your part right) are amazing pictures. In fact, this amazement is said to cause a disease know as "L-Disease". Once caught, it is incurable. You will have to buy Canon L lenses in all of the focal lengths you use.

I have L disease :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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lol bah, its a tiny tiny bit of barrel distortion, dont worry about it mun, only reason I noticed is because I was zoomed in at 200% faffing about with a straight black line :D

Though.. L disease :D lol sounds terminal :P

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