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on: November 20, 2013, 15:58:40 PM
So, back from 2 weeks in Antigua. Lots of photos. Not too keen on a lot of them but oh well, was the first time I was using the camera heavily again for what seemed like a few months.

These crabs were all over the hotels pier. So much more interesting than UK crabs (generally).

Crab (2) by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Experiment with HDR. Wanted to get more detail in the wood grains. Also tweaked saturation on the door, and cloned out some cables that were pretty ugly.

House HDR 1 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

At the start of the holiday I was trying to keep the ISO low, and wasn't getting very good shots with the birds. Ended up cranking the ISO so that I'd at least get decent shots, if a little grainy.

Tern (2) by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Tern by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Never seen a mushroom growing on a dock before. Would have thought they wouldn't tolerate the salinity.

Dock Fungus by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Annoyingly halfway through the holiday I dropped my Graduated ND filter, and it broke. I tried to get around this by using my normal ND filter but halfway down the holder. It sort of worked, except it's a bit wonky :(

Hawksbill sunset 3 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Polarising filter. Think the clouds are a tad overexposed, quite a typical postcard shot I think, sure I saw the exact same photo (minus clouds) in several shops.

Sherley panorama by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Macro lens and ringflash. These frogs were LOUD but only about 1" big. Also they only came out at night, so it was quite good fun trying to first locate one in a good spot, in the dark, and then focus and expose the flash without scaring the bugger away before getting it right.

Frog by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Lots of lizards too. Got quite a few photos in various poses, but I really like the sharpness in the eyes in this one.

Lizard 2 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Hermit crab. Think the focus is out on this though.

Hermit 3 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

When we arrived on day one I saw a hummingbird and that was my mission for the two weeks. Day two was my first chance, and I managed an "OK" shot, though the ISO was a bit too low I think, as these birds are both small and fast. Throughout the holiday though at the hotel we kept seeing them in a certain location so I camped out a bit and lucked out with two different species. Again I just had the ISO up as I didn't want to lose an opportunity, it was also quite late into golden hour, which didn't help trying to get a bird that flaps its wings at up to 80 times a second. Had to manual focus as they were too small for the camera to pick up! (Red flowers are about 1" long for scale)

Carib 3 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Fort Barrington was about 5-6km away from our hotel. Not too far by normal standards, but in 30degree heat (in the shade) it was quite a challenge. Glad we made it up there though.

Barrington 3 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Ruin by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Doorway by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Obligatory beach umbrella shot.

Umbrella by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Rest of the shots here:

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Re: Antigua
Reply #1 on: November 21, 2013, 00:12:14 AM
That hummingbird shot is fantastic. :ptu:

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Re: Antigua
Reply #2 on: November 25, 2013, 22:25:40 PM
Really nice!  8)


Ruin by Chris_Moody, on Flickr
Looks almost exactly like a place in Far Cry 3! :)

Re: Antigua
Reply #3 on: November 25, 2013, 22:52:37 PM
Had a quick look through them on flickr last night on my phone, some of them are really good especially the hummingbird shots, I can't really fault them other than they're a touch noisey but you need that to get the shutter speed, I'd be well pleased with them if I'd taken them.  Hermit3 is nice as well, along with the lizard and crab shots.  Love the sky on the sunset shot, sucks that you broke your ND Grad but you've still managed to get something, might be worth seeing if you can darken the beach down a touch, its a bit too different to how the sky is so the change where the filter is is a bit more obvious but it still looks great.

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