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Bit the bullet...


Finally got sick of not being able to use all my Canon fit lenses. Initially I considered a 750D or 760D but then I don't really need all the features of those. They are also quite big.

Enter Canon 100D and a £30 cashback offer...

Same 18MP APSC sensor as most other Canon cameras. Quick focusing, even with my Sigma 150-500mm and has all the basics covered. OK, only Digic 5 processor but that's fine for what I need.

With the cashback a good bit under £300.

Some photos, bravely taken at risk of life and limb. I could have been eaten by that invisible tiger...

So the deer took me ages, hunting across the countryside. OK, it was standing by the road in a field...

What do you think? Was really happy with the 3rd swan photo, background effect is pretty damn good even if unplanned.


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