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Binary Shadow:

--- Quote from: zpyder on May 04, 2016, 14:49:57 PM ---for a lighter smaller package.
--- End quote ---

Some might say that this is actually more convenient as you can take it more places and not have it pull your arms off.

Carrying a 70-300mm zoom is certainly more convenient than a 150-600mm - I can shove the smaller lens in my pocket.

Been considering a fishing waistcoat. BIG pockets to carry photographic stuff.

Something like this might be useful. It's meant for carrying two cameras but many bigger lenses have a tripod mount included for balance. You can screw one fastener into the camera and the other (there was two on the one I got, even if not in the illustration) into the camera base.

Seems to be same one as being used by the middle photographer in this youtube. Does have some issue with the other two talking over his head though.

Binary Shadow:
Well iv gone for it, ebayed some kit and ordered the 100-400mk2, looking forward to it :D

You won't regret it. It really is a good lens.


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