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Quite frankly, this lenses magnification is obscene.

The lack of any kind of focus is going to take some getting used to. The lens just has a twist barrel to zoom from 1:1 to 5:1. Along the zoom range the only way to focus is to move the whole camera. Also, at 5:1, it's ridiculous trying to find the subject in the viewfinder, it's not just very dark, but the area the viewfinder covers is about the size of a grain of rice, and has a DOF of around 0.2mm, at most!

But anyway, here are my first attempts. They are the result of a combination of experiments with both the lens and the MR-14EX ring flash I also bought at the same time! All hand held I should add!

Stowa flieger balance wheel pallet by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Stowa flieger Winding pinion and transmission wheel by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Ant carrying twig by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Woodlouse by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

Money spider underside by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

IMG_5009 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

The thread is the fine cotton weave on my trousers. Caterpillar was about the width of a hair.

IMG_5004 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

red mite

IMG_4993 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr


IMG_4992 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

money spider

IMG_4973 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

2mm long beetle

IMG_4967 by Chris_Moody, on Flickr

wow. great stuff.

Now that's a macro lens!  The magnification is incredible and it looks stupidly sharp too, in comparison to my sigma 105mm it really does show how much more magnification it gets but then the sigma only goes to 1:1 without the aid of some extension tubes.

But have you tried it with some extension tubes... lol

You've made me want to try doing some macro stuff over the weekend, I won't suggest a competition to see who can get a better shot I think you might have a slight advantage!

One thing I'm pleased with is that a lot of sites say that the lens really shows up dust and crud on your sensor, and I've yet to spot anything really, after 4 years!

Only thing I've noticed though is I've got quite a few stuck pixels :(

Will be trying a macro rail tomorrow on some of the more obliging critters in the garden I think!

Clock'd 0Ne:
That ant shot is fantastic, and the woodlouse coming head on. That's a terrific piece of kit!


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