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Photo of the month competition
on: February 14, 2009, 13:00:54 PM
Since there wasnt one as the last forum crash took out them all I thought Id start a thread. Even though Ive never entered a competition on here, I thought I will try this month.

This month the theme is Animals"; doing anything in their natural or un-natural habitat.

Please read the rules below before submitting your entry.


Please note: the aim of this is to get people out and to use their cameras in different ways to what they might normally do so, to achieve this the rules state that the photograph must be taken in the month of the competition and relate to the theme in some way.

Each month a different thread will be created and at the end of the month a poll will be added including all entries that are deemed valid. Non valid entries will be automatically excluded. The named winner then copies over the text of this post and replaces the theme with one of their choice.

Include a description of a few words as to why you feel your picture fills the theme.

Once the thread has been started peoples entries have to be posted in that thread. Each entrant is only allowed ONE POST in the thread to cover ONE IMAGE that he has entered. The last image posted is the one that will be used, all others will be removed when a Mod/admin has a spare moment ...

Deadline for all entries will be the 28th of the month before the deadline, leaving a few days then for Voting to take place and the winner to be declared by the last day of the month.

I suggest that the winner picks the next theme by the 1st of the next month (1st March in this case), so several days of voting start on the 27th and the 1st the winner will post another thread following the format as mentioned above, replacing the THEME with his/her chosen theme.

Entry is now open for March 2009

Deadline Midnight of Feb 27th.

Post your entries below.

Good luck.

Dating data will be needed too so be careful to preserve this if possible. exif is data that is inserted into photographs by digital cameras

If your picture is regarded as too big it may be edited to just a link by a Moderator, there is no upper limit on picture size.

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