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Pondering selling all my gear and consolidating

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I realised this evening that I haven't really picked up my SLR in the last few years. Pre-NZ I did a lot of photography, but since moving, I've not had the time to do anything, and find myself thinking "what's the point" when every tourist under the sun has also photographed what I'm looking at.

Having a toddler also I find I just use my phone as its always to hand, and not half bad.

So, I wondered, if I sold off all my gear, is there something more compact that doesn't need several different lenses, that I could buy with the money I get for my stuff, and preferably have something left over.

I've totally been out of the game so no longer know which brands are considered top of the game nor which models. Any idea? Budget is likely around £1000 I guess, may lbe a bit more if needed.

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Compacts, there are plenty, but look for one with a real viewfinder and not screen only.

Not sure I can bring myself to get a compact, I don't see there being too much more benefit from just using my phone in terms of sensor and lens size. I may be wrong though?

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if you've not used the gear you have at all.... why bother replacing it at all?

sell up and treat yourself/family/whatever to something instead?

It's tempting, but it's hard to "give up". I mean, I spent the better part of 20 years actively doing photography and developing different skills, some of which are quite specialist. My kit is all over 10 years old now, but is professional grade stuff, and should be worth a few thousand at least. I've also got the knowledge and appreciation of what separates it from a camera phone, but appreciate that technology has come on leaps and bounds.

The issue is, my lifestyle has changed considerably. Rather than carrying a bag full of camera stuff around when travelling, and having the time to get a cool shot, I now carry bags of toddler stuff around and have only a few seconds to get a shot, and usually of said toddler.

My ultimate aim is to get rid of it all and hopefully pocket the change, but also retain "something" so I can keep my eye in so to speak.

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