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I've got a couple of compacts, they are too physically small for me. I could easily get another bridge camera but what would I then do with the lenses I have? The camera in my PDA is pretty neat too, huge screen gives easy viewing except in bright light, does surprisingly good video too.

TBH the more I look at the problem  the more I think it's a psychological one rather than anything else.

Seems that Nikon use the same Sony sensors from the A6000, A7 and A7R in their DSLR range.

Yup. Most lenses can be converted between the different makes. May lose auto focusing or auto aperture control sometimes but they will work.

Finally bought one, well Sony did give a £100 cash back offer so should end up costing me under £400.

Managed to get out with it today and try taking some pics. My only problem is that the on/off switch is at the shutter control and in the same place as my old Panasonic bridge camera's zoom control so instead of zooming in and out I end up switching it off :/

Other than that it seems fine, much lighter than my Canon 40D.

Now to look into getting a lens adapter.

Will put up some pics in a few days, although the weather wasn't good today at least it wasn't windy and raining.

If I were to do a major kit switch up, I'd probably go Sony. Though I'd probably be tempted to just get the latest RX100 and be done with having to have different lenses and the likes. I get the impression Sony is starting to really be a competitor with Nikon and Canon.

For fast moving sports Canon still have the edge but I have taken photos with the A6000 that I would never have managed with my old Canon 40D

OK, photos, hope this works

Lighthouse at Whitley Bay


WW2 bunker close to base of lighthouse

View towards Whitley Bay from lighthouse

Very poor light photo taken in my brother's house. Lens Canon 75-300mm on Comlite adapter.

Automatic focus with adapter can be an issue but it can be manual focused too.


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