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Thinking of getting a new camera, my old Canon is getting a bit short on pixels now. It's also a big big. Anyone had experience of this Sony? Seems there are now adapters that allow Canon lenses to be fitted and work properly, although focusing seems a little slow and there is a little more flare it would enable me to use my old lenses. Because the Sony is thinner the adapter doesn't need a lens to change focus so sharpness should be the same.

Watched a few reviews from Pros, most seem happy with the Sony cameras and at least one uses it exclusively outside of the studio.

Why not skip the middle man and get a Canon? It will make buying more lenses much simpler.

My advice as always is to go here and pick the model at the price you want to spend:

My old camera is a 40D. I've kept track and neither Canon or Nikon have upgraded their cameras as much as technology would allow. My present canon is now too heavy for ease of use. I certainly wouldn't use it as an 'every day' camera (then I don't even get to the front door every day now)

Despite having a Canon body most of my lenses aren't Canon ones. The most used recently is a Tamron.

TBH this is just something I'm considering at the moment. I'm after something that may be impossible, or just impractical. A camera that I can carry around easily with a single lens but also use my old lenses to increase functionality.

Still thinking about this. There are several other options I could go for too. I would like a touch screen on the back.

Then am I still capable of getting enough use out of what is an expensive camera? It was also announced back in February so is there a replacement in the pipeline? I guess it's going to be after Christmas before any decisions are made.

When I worked in a camera shop, I was surprised by how highly everyone rated the Sony Cameras, including their compact camera line (I think the premium one is the RX10 or RX100). If bulk is an issue consider the compacts? I think the overall consensus where I used to work, was that the Sony sensors were getting quite good for low light and autofocus stuff, close to SLR levels etc...


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