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Entertainment & Technology / Re: SEO trouble shooting
« Last post by zpyder on Today at 19:30:51 »
I would hope the content in the sub site map files is reachable if it's been created on the same platform as the robots.txt file? I did a site:..... Search on google and it does look like most of the pages are on google now, but as you guys have said the actual content is pretty sure sparse. This is a product of the migration where I had hundreds of pages to move and was more fussed with getting the photos across than writing info for each gallery.

Maybe phase 2 needs to be sitting down and writing some blurb for each thing in turn.

The whole move was prompted by smugmug buying flickr. I realised that I paid for flickr but didn't really use it, paid for sub-standard hosting that was crippling user experience. I'd hoped to be able to move across to just one thing that worked!

After this year's subscription is over if the website is still performing poorly on google I'll look into that hosting site Nige!
Sports, Hobbies & Motors / Re: Happy Birthday MR2 (18)
« Last post by Clock'd 0Ne on Today at 19:12:39 »
People in London don't use cars because they've made it expensive and impractical, but living in the centre of London and dealing with all the public transport issues seems like a nightmare to me, the tube is hell at rush hour or weekends. Anywhere else though, public transport is just all round garbage unless you live right next to a station or 5 mins from work. I'm sure Sydney is a lot better, but it's not really comparable is it, it's not even apples and oranges, its apples and aardvarks. :lol:

/hugs my NA 3.6L V8  Wub
Entertainment & Technology / Re: SEO trouble shooting
« Last post by Clock'd 0Ne on Today at 19:07:31 »
Yeah your sitemap does have the indexed content in sub-sitemap files, that's okay, however none of that is any use if they can't be reached because of the robots.txt restrictions and no other means of discovering them through the new website URLs.

If you decide to switch back to an alternative provider using Wordpress I'd recommend SiteGround as not only are they highly optimised and very fast servers, they have standard cPanel hosting, excellent support, free SSLs, even a site migrator. You should be able to have a much more full featured and SEO rich site on WP than their platform from the sounds of it.
Entertainment & Technology / Re: SEO trouble shooting
« Last post by zpyder on Today at 08:05:32 »

Not correct?
Entertainment & Technology / Re: SEO trouble shooting
« Last post by zpyder on Today at 07:59:28 »
Thanks guys. Gives me a place to start!

I suspect one issue is that smugmugs robots.txt by default is blocking all pages other than the ones that have been created through smugmug. So google can't access the old content to see it's not there. It's just blocked. I'll contact smugmug to see if they can do anything about customising the robots.txt to allow the old content...I remember I looked into it a while back and there was a lot of discussion on the net that SmugMugs approach wasn't the best/most efficient use of Robots.txt

I've been set up with GA and WMT for yonks, but have always found analytics to be just a bit of a monster in terms of usage. So many different reports, it's not entirely clear what most of them are saying. Typically I've used it just to see how many people have visited, and from what source.

Home page is tricky to put content on in terms of I've never known what would be useful. I guess blog posts...but again SmugMug is pretty poor in terms of blog support. I kind of regret moving from Hostgator, but the hosting was just too slow for such a media rich site. I'll look into blog integration though, I know it's possible, but just not sure how easy...

And regarding the that true? In Search console in the sitemap area I think the sitemap is a zip containing sub-sitemaps, and there's a few hundred pages and images that have been indexed etc.
Sports, Hobbies & Motors / Re: Happy Birthday MR2 (18)
« Last post by neXus on Today at 01:30:35 »
5 years in Sydney and not needed a car yet

- Toll roads everywhere! IF you leave Sydney or enter Sydney by car you have to pay to get in.
- If you go anywhere longer than 20 minute drive in Sydney you are going to hit a toll.
- Parking, especially in the city you have to pay the council a fee so you are classed as a resident and can park outside your house if you do not have a garage.
- If you think London for example is bad in terms of parking fee's and lack of free parking - Sydney has most places beaten.

- Public transport is good, the trains go everywhere and are double decker
- Uber and others
- Taxis now competing with Uber pricing
- You have hire cars parked everywhere in the city, as a member you just book in a car, stroll up with a key fob and unlock the car to use for your booking
- Living close to city centre you can walk it to a lot of the places you need to be. Work is 15 minutes walk for example

Miss having a cart but also do not miss having a car. Once I need a bigger place with the family and move further out and as a family unit I am sure I will need one but even when people have cars they always train to work still
Sports, Hobbies & Motors / Re: Happy Birthday MR2 (18)
« Last post by soopahfly on October 15, 2018, 08:54:58 AM »
Might be worth having a chat with some of the importers, most have guys in Japan, can get prices and can get parts.  You might be in for a wait though as they'll bundle them inside a car purchase.
Or look at Jauce?

These are the places I have to get the tasty bits for my E51 Elgrand
General Discussion / Re: Anyone doing Logo design these days? For Knighty!
« Last post by neXus on October 15, 2018, 02:40:33 AM »
All the ones i paid a fiver for were worth a fiver, if i had the tools i could have done better.


We need someting edgy and modern, must have Tripefactory and E Halls in the Logo as well as a dog face of some kind, Knighty wants an Alsatian / German Shepherd Dog.


Does it have to be? As for a logo in terms of shape/outline its one of the uglier ones.
Entertainment & Technology / Re: SEO trouble shooting
« Last post by neXus on October 15, 2018, 01:47:31 AM »
- You do not need Keywords, not used by the search engines. Just tells everyone what the keywords you trying to get.
- Get yourself setup with google analytics and either install its default code or through google tag manager
- As Nige said, if you not done so yet setup your webmaster tools
- Your home page is pretty void of content
- On your inner pages your Header 1's are OK but could be stronger
- Your inner content page content needs sorting: You have paragraph per line so the strength and depth of the content and keywords is pretty weak in terms of SEO.
- Your sitemap is not really generating anything:

Entertainment & Technology / Re: SEO trouble shooting
« Last post by Clock'd 0Ne on October 14, 2018, 20:35:53 PM »
Use Google Webmaster tools to check your robots.txt configuration, it will tell you what is accessible or not.

The other issue is, you've moved your site but Google doesn't know this, and will still have all the original pages indexed. What you needed to do was setup 301 redirects for all the old site URLs, in Wordpress you would do this with a plugin, now you would have to edit the .htaccess file on the server and add the redirections manually - you can Google how to do that its very simple really - but obviously you will need to know what all of the old URLs were to redirect to for the new pages. At this stage of the game its probably not worth the effort if you don't know the existing URLs now and I would simply fix the robots.txt, then use a sitemap generator site to index your website pages and submit that sitemap URL to Google and the other big search engines.

I don't know what SmugMug qualify as an 'SEO friendly' platform but that sounds like snakeoil bullsh*t to me. SEO is completely irrespective of platform unless you're doing something really wrong - like blocking pages in robots.txt files and not redirecting expired URLs. ;D
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