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Entertainment & Technology / Re: Picard
« Last post by Serious on February 10, 2020, 02:12:35 AM »
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Entertainment & Technology / Re: Finally have Fibre
« Last post by Serious on February 10, 2020, 01:40:53 AM »
I have a netgear WNCE4004 range extender thing that has 4 ethernet plugs on the back to plug up to 4 computers in. Initially it worked but the computers quickly began to drop contact with the router through it.

Same issue with a BT router and then even though the EE one looks physically identical to the BT one it wouldn't work at all. Tried everything I could think of including updating the firmware, nothing.

Replaced with a very cheap (£17) crappy Wavlink one. Works fine.

Not the first problem I have had with Netgear stuff. Suggest you read the reviews.

Then I doubt if there is any company in the world that someone hasn't had problems with.
Entertainment & Technology / Re: Finally have Fibre
« Last post by neXus on February 10, 2020, 00:32:46 AM »
I can bridge but I will be going through the Crappy TP-Link Archer modem supplied which I can see cant pump out the wifi streams very well and seems to bottleneck a lot.
I want a decent Router at least.

Anyone got Asus, how are the controls and port forwarding options with those? Looking at either those or a Netgear Nighthark or somesthing.
Entertainment & Technology / Re: Picard
« Last post by neXus on February 10, 2020, 00:02:28 AM »
Everyone always forgets season 1 of shows. Everyone is finding their feet, settling into roles making last minute changes and finding what works.

I like a number of things so far outside the main story:

- People have moaned about the smoking but I think it is key to the whole utopia falling apart aspect. After the Dominan war and the Borg attack on the federation they wery in a bad state. One of the movies had the enterprise recruiting very early races to build back the numbers. From that I think maintaining the Utopia status is a very hard thing to do. Klingon's are in a mess, Romulus is gone and before that they had their Reman Romulan war. Then the other things that happened between the last movie and now they mention as well - Utopia is a very hard thing to keep alive after that.

- Holagram interfaces: In a number of shows like Deep space nine set in the future they fly old ships or always hint to the holographic interfaces of the future and I am glad they evolved the ship designs and interfaces. Some die hard fans moaning about that too but its a number of years later now. Things evolve.

- No clingongs yet!

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Entertainment & Technology / Re: Finally have Fibre
« Last post by knighty on February 08, 2020, 22:16:59 PM »
I'm on 200mbit fibre from virgin... and tbh I which I'd picked a slower one... it's ridiculously quick... but 99% of what I want to download downloads while I'm at work and is waiting for me when I gt home anyway so makes no difference if it takes 5min to download or an hour

what about DDWRT for a router?  put your old router in modem/dmz mode or whatever it's called?
Entertainment & Technology / Re: Recommendations Wanted: Personal Development
« Last post by M3ta7h3ad on February 08, 2020, 21:22:00 PM »
Apologies all, I keep forgetting its been a few years since I've been here and stuff I'm just straight up assuming you know what i've been up to. I've been working as a Penetration Tester for the last 9 and a bit years. Last 5 really doing more complex engagements along the lines of Red Teaming (CBEST, STAR, TBEST, TIBER-EU, etc).

Serious: I love watching LPL and BB, definitely fun videos. I have some interesting kit of my own in order to gain entry to some places.

I am already proficient at my job, at least my certifications that are renewed ever 3 years says i'm at least competent at it just I know a number of you all work in IT and was hoping you had seen some awesome books worth reading cover to cover in your time. I have some specific requirements around it but really I'd welcome any recommendation on books above the useless reviews on amazon.

Serious: Actual serious programming effort isn't required, but knowing your way around an IDE and being able to knock up tooling, contribute to open source projects or reverse engineer a binary or two is a skill well worth adding to your belt in my job.
General Discussion / Re: Recent errors
« Last post by Serious on February 08, 2020, 18:02:14 PM »
I'm banned from climbing ladders, driving, cooking...

Think I already put it up somewhere but last year I accidentally stood on a food processor blade in the kitchen. Hadn't put any shoes on so good 2 inch cut in the back of the heel. Now healed.

Have very little sense of down when I close my eyes so tend to lose balance a good bit. Turning too fast can cause dizzyness too.
Entertainment & Technology / Re: Picard
« Last post by Serious on February 08, 2020, 17:39:24 PM »
I have watched episode 3 on Amazon. It's fast paced (if anything the first episode was too fast), good scripting, they really hit the ground running in this, and if you know Star Trek has huge numbers of "easter egg" references back to previous films, books and TV series.

It does have a film based photographic feel, different from TNG but if you don't mind that it's otherwise good.

Still some obvious script issues, but every ST has had those right back to ToS.

There is an issue with knowing things before they happen, although in some cases they are explained by events and are not precognition.

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Entertainment & Technology / Re: Finally have Fibre
« Last post by Serious on February 08, 2020, 17:25:38 PM »
UK broadband is a bit of a mess too with BT owning the access to most of it. Then they are allowed to own EE as a subsidiary which manages to sell it for a lot less than BT does.
Entertainment & Technology / Re: Recommendations Wanted: Personal Development
« Last post by Serious on February 08, 2020, 17:20:17 PM »
One of the most interesting things I have run into regarding security lately is LockPickingLawyer and Bosnianbill on YouTube. They go through an incredibly large number of locks and security devices proving that they are not as secure as you might think

Surprisingly high tech equipment has proved to have a lot of very bad vulnerabilities. Latest high tech fingerprint scanning door lock tested, remove one screw, insert paperclip, door opens.

Learning a computer language is a good option, but does it really fit in with security? Not saying it isn't worth it from a personal perspective.
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