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WE NEED YOU!  Yes, you.  You could be the Tekforums F1 Champion!

We currently have 4 players, including myself, but we need a minimum of 10 people.  This is an browser based game and takes next to no time to play.  There are only two things to this game.  Moving some sliders and choosing your strategy.  You dont need to manage any budgets, worry about how crap your pit crew are at changing wheels or refueling your car.  Its just you setting up and racing your F1 car to victory!  

Once the game starts, the game ticks along in 24 hour intervals.  Initially you start with practice to allow you to tinker with your setup to try and get it Spot on.  Also, people can copy their teammates setup which can give a head start.  However, I think it may only be of great use if both of you have chosen the same character traits since one setup wont necessarily work for others.

There is a
Quickstart Guide available on the games website and will be useful in showing you the way.  The game also allws you to speak to your Engineer to get some advice.  You can see the pearls of wisdom they give in the picture below.

Setting up

I had hear you screaming, "HOW DO I JOIN???"  Well, its very easy.  
Players will need to be registered and logged in before they can enter the private game. When logged in, clicking the following URL will take you to the join game page:

Alternativly, you can select "private games" from the menu and enter the number "215" into the box. The game password is "tekforums". Take care not to accidentally join a public game by mistake.

Once youve joined, please post in the main thread which is stickied in General Discussion, here.

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