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--- Quote from: zpyder on August 28, 2021, 23:06:31 PM ---Delta finally got out in NZ so we've gone into a hard lockdown, have been for nearly 2 weeks, and even though they're relaxing things a little next week it's still pretty strict.

It's pretty much a race between getting everyone vaccinated and a massive outbreak as NZ has the lowest vaccination rate in the OECD. About 20% so far.

I only became eligible for the vaccine last week and have a booking for Tuesday. Bit of a relief.

Mentally I feel a bit down as I kind of feel that yes we'll learn to live with it but that at some point it's going to mutate into something much much worse and that'll be it.

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When normality hits and I am over NZ to see family you, me and Paul (XSPC) should defiantly look to do some form of meet up.


--- Quote from: knighty on August 29, 2021, 11:07:57 AM ---had my 1st shot, 2nd is in a couple of weeks

pretty much just life as normal now tbh

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Crazy with how much of a lockdown we are in NSW Australia and you have 30-50k cases a day and the death and hospital rates you have way more than us and things are pretty much normal conditions now regardless of this.

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--- Quote from: bear on August 28, 2021, 22:38:47 PM ---How are you all doing ?

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How are things in Sweden? Or for your particular circumstances at least?

Since I started WFH before any of this even kicked off, I don't watch TV and the media 24x7 commentary, it's just the same old same old. Someone tells me there's new rules, or we're in lockdown again, or out of lockdown again, I don't really care. Nothing much as changed as having one autistic son who is a struggle to take anywhere (always do grocery shopping online, etc) and with a 3 month old too means we don't really get out much and if we do we try and avoid plebs anyway and go to places at quiet times. :lol: It's probably been the best time for us to have a baby in some ways.

I do miss going to a good afternoon pub crawl with the lads though as I've not really seen any of my mates in a year, but they are all still being cautious despite mostly having being jabbed twice.

I am especially glad I never have to commute back to an office still though, our company still encourages people to WFH and want to keep a remote policy for the future for all staff and not just those hired 100% remote like me.

I got two shoots, gov. starting to get things sorted, law changes etc. (for example allowing look down). I keep distance shop at times with few people in the store do meetings over the web, so far it does seem to work,forme it has not been much changes though.

I had symptoms of some infection from half way through December all the way to May, although symptoms were different and seemingly covid test negative.

Already had both doses of the vaccine, now waiting for booster. This could end up a constant six month repetition.

A friend's young son in South Africa has had covid, which turned into long covid. Their life has been hell this year. Seems to be a lot of luck involved and if you have had other infections.


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