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fooking virus

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How are you all doing ?

Delta finally got out in NZ so we've gone into a hard lockdown, have been for nearly 2 weeks, and even though they're relaxing things a little next week it's still pretty strict.

It's pretty much a race between getting everyone vaccinated and a massive outbreak as NZ has the lowest vaccination rate in the OECD. About 20% so far.

I only became eligible for the vaccine last week and have a booking for Tuesday. Bit of a relief.

Mentally I feel a bit down as I kind of feel that yes we'll learn to live with it but that at some point it's going to mutate into something much much worse and that'll be it.

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I got two  phfizer shot this spring, but I know people who got it despite two shots :( no hit that hard though)    67,4 % have gotten two shots in sweden.

had my 1st shot, 2nd is in a couple of weeks

pretty much just life as normal now tbh

This sie seems to have fairly accurate figurs
One can see deaths per million and sick who have recovered per million.


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