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My Facebook have been inactivated

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I do not know why, they just refer to all the community rules !

Clock'd 0Ne:
This is why I don't actively use it very much, seems their algorithms are ruthless now for anything that can be taken out of context. Is there anything you can do about it?

No I got got it reviewed but still NO :(

I've not really had an issue with Facebook though I did write a review on a British version/website of a US-owned company in which I used the British phrase "back of a fag packet" - it got flagged for homophobia/offensive language... apparently neither really obvious context nor the possibility that words can mean different things mattered to them.

So far just two issues with posts and I was temporarily blocked for a short time. Both due to B***** idiots putting out patently false stuff and me ending up irritated that they couldn't see it.

Since Trump got banned they have been a lot more negative about language and a lot of their people seem to not have English as their primary language when dealing with these. This may at least explain why Facebook is so bad at this sort of thing.


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