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Stupid Insurance
on: January 04, 2008, 17:40:28 PM
been trying to sort out the insurance on the metro and MG today.

I had a policy for the MG that cost about £450 that I paid up front, started in AUG.
and a policy for the Metro that cost about £250 also paid up front started in NOV.

Now ive sold the MG i rang up and asked about cancelling it and maybe getting some money back, they said I couldnt do that because Ive made a claim on the policy so it has to run its course (fair enough I thought, ive had about £3000 worth of repairs off them) or I can cancel it and pay a £400 fee(because of the claim)
Obviously I said Id let it run its course.

So I have a bit of think and decide to ask about keeping the policy open but changing the MG to the Metro, and then I can cancel the metro policy, then Ill get some money back from the Metro insurance policy.

I so I ring them and ask, and they say thats fine AND Ill get £90 back from the policy because the Metro is a lower IG.

and I ring the Metro insurance too cancel it as its now covered by the old MG policy and I get £220 back.

Which is great!
 but I think its abit stupid that if i cancel the MG policy I have to pay £400 but if i change cars I get money back

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Stupid Insurance
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Process is a wonderful thing :lol:

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Stupid Insurance
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Quote from: DEViANCE

Because the people dealing with it are drones.  

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Re:Stupid Insurance
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Youve found how to play the system the best way, dont complain, just stick  ith it and be happy :D

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