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Driver : Parallel Lines
on: March 28, 2006, 08:28:24 AM

Parallel Lines follows the story of a young New York driver, TK, who makes his living driving gangsters, pimps, criminals, and lowlifes in and out of trouble, using driving skills and street smarts to make money and live the good live of sex, fast cars and perhaps even drugs. The year is 1979. The story and lead character are all new, and the setting is all new too. Presented with a distinct cinematic flair and a fantastic sound track comprised of songs from artists at the time (David Bowie, Blondie, Parliament, Marvin Gaye, War, etc.), the games pre-rendered cutscenes show an uncanny resemblance to Martin Scorseses mafia film, Goodfellas, with TKs life starting off pure, decadent and sweet, but taking a twist for the worst, all told from the first-person voice of TK. As beginnings go, Driver: Parallel Lines offers one of the best beginnings any videogame has ever had. The English development team re-creates the rich, fast-paced city life of New York in 1979 and puts players back in time to relive that orgy of excessiveness without a hitch.

Just started playing this, Seems quite good.  Its nice and smooth even when theres lots of action going off on the screen.

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