Author Topic: Kororaa - Slicker than slick Linux LiveCD  (Read 2178 times)

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Kororaa - Slicker than slick Linux LiveCD
on: March 18, 2006, 18:01:16 PM

Up until last week, Kororaa was a little-known distribution - a decent alternative of installing Gentoo Linux on ones hard disk, but otherwise nothing too exciting to write home about. Then all of a sudden, Kororaa has shot to fame. Chris Smart (on the right) and Matthew Oliver, the two developers of the project, have released a live CD that integrates Xgl and Compiz with the proprietary NVIDIA and ATI graphics driver to create what is possibly the worlds most spectacular Linux live CD. The stunning 3D effects combined with the fact that Kororaa Xgl has been pre-configured to work without any user intervention was an instant success...


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