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The perfect woman ?
on: May 28, 2007, 17:45:29 PM
WARNING ! Following text could be offensive for some, if you feel that this text would upset you, please do not read.

What the perfect woman would say:

  1. I will swallow everything, I just love the taste.
  2. Are you sure that you had enough to drink ?
  3. I am bored, I know ! lets shave my pussy.
  4. Hey how about getting a nice porno movie and a case of beer and I will call my lady-friend over for a threesome.
  5. Oh god... If you dont let me give you a blowjob soon, I will burst.
  6. I know it much tighter from behind but please try again.
  7. Youre soo.. sexy when you have a hangover.
  8. I rather watch the game and have beer with you than going shopping.
  9. I would like to watch while you satisfy me lady-friend.
 10. I just love when you play golf on sundays.
 11. Darling ! come and watch, our new neighbors daughter is sun bathing again.
 12. I have decided to stop wearing clothes while I am at home.
 13. Your mother did a terrific job raising you.
 14. Shouldnt you be with your friends at the pub now ?
 15. No more shopping ! let us have look at the new strip club down the corner..
 16. Wow ! smell that one !
 17. I am going to a yoga class so I can learn putting my legs behind my neck for you.

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